October 23, 2020

17-year-old arrested in connection with body found inside burned car

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with a body found inside a burned car on the West Side, according to San Antonio police.

Police are not identifying the suspect because he is a juvenile. He turned himself in Thursday and has been charged with murder.

Sebastian Carpio, 17, was reported missing on Sept. 19. He had last been seen on the 5500 block of Burgate Farm, according to a flyer issued by police.

The following day, Carpio was found in the trunk of a

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Police officers rescue man from Springfield, IL house fire

Illinois cops rushed into an 83-year-old man’s house after a car crashed into it, igniting a fire.

Dramatic video from a Springfield Police Department officer’s body camera shows him run into the home as the blaze raged Wednesday night. The officer smashed through a door that was lodged shut before carrying the coughing man outside to safety.

The fire started after a speeding car went airborne over nearby railroad tracks before crashing into the home, police say.

The police department identified the officers as Nicholas Renfro and Juan Resendez.

“Because of their selfless and heroic actions, Officers Renfro and Resendez were able to save a person’s life,” officials said in a news release.

The 29-year-old female driver of the vehicle and two teens were found near the scene. The woman was taken to a hospital for injuries not considered to be life-threatening before she was arrested and taken to jail,

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Court denies request to dismiss case involving flight refunds, Canadian Transportation Agency – National

A Federal Court of Appeal judge has dismissed an attempt by Canada’s transportation regulator to prevent a hearing on its stance on flight credit for travellers.

Air Passenger Rights, an advocacy group, asked the appeal court in April to order the removal of the Canadian Transportation Agency’s statement on vouchers from its website, which was posted following mass flight cancellations by airlines.

The statement said the agency believes that vouchers or travel credit valid for two years are generally appropriate for airlines to give customers — opposed to refunds — for flights cancelled by carriers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Airline unions ask Ottawa for $7B in loans to boost industry

In its application, Air Passenger Rights also asked the court to prohibit members of the regulator from dealing with passenger complaints about refunds, arguing that a reasonable apprehension of bias exists based on the agency’s statements.


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A Guide to Riding Berlin Public Transportation For Free

Berlin public transit runs on the honor system. I’m on the U-8 line, on my way to work, when a group of controllers board the train. I don’t know what else to call them. The German word Kontrolleur is derived from French, and the passive verb, to be kontrolliert, has gone into colloquial English usage in a rough direct translation, i.e., to be “controlled” (as in: “God damn it, I got controlled on the train today”). The Kontrolleurs are the people assigned to ride the rails all day, randomly entering train-cars as if administering a pop quiz, to check that everyone on board has a valid ticket.  As it happens, today I do, but the guy standing next to me clearly does not. You can tell by the way he feigns inattention as the doors close and the two plain-clothes guys pull out their identification badges; he acts as

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Tesla Third-Quarter Auto Sales Surge

When the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to close this spring, the auto industry was hit particularly hard. North American auto plants that typically churn out more than a million cars a month produced fewer than 5,000 in April.

While airlines and other industries continue to struggle, automakers are now enjoying a clear upswing. Last month, some large automakers reported that sales in the United States were up from the previous September. If this pace of sales continues for a year the industry would sell more than 16 million cars and trucks, up from an annualized pace of 13 million in June.

This recovery is being led by Tesla, the electric car pioneer. On Friday, the company reported record deliveries in the third quarter as steady growth in China and Europe more than offset weakness in the United States. The company does not provide a geographic breakdown of its sales.


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Automotive Powder Metallurgy Components Market – Actionable Research on COVID-19 | Energy Saving and Cost Advantages to Boost Market Growth | Technavio

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The global automotive powder metallurgy components market size is poised to grow by USD 1.06 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of over 8% throughout the forecast period, according to the latest report by Technavio. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The report also provides the market impact and new opportunities created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Download a Free Sample of REPORT with COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery Analysis.

Powder metallurgy is cost-effective compared to other metalworking processes such as forging, extrusion, casting, and machining. It also has a high raw material use of up to 97% and can produce high-volume components such as gears, bearings, and shafts with better accuracy and tolerance compared to other processes. Moreover, powder metallurgy is comparatively a much faster process as it uses a lesser number

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Looking to buy a new car? Auto industry is rebounding from pandemic shortage, but you still may need to wait till 2021 for next year’s model.

The hardest part about buying a new car during the pandemic may be finding a new car.

a person standing in front of a car: Mechanic Mark Petrauskas performs a repair on a customer's vehicle in the service department at the Packey Webb Ford dealership in Downers Grove on Oct. 1, 2020.

© Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune/Chicago Tribune/TNS
Mechanic Mark Petrauskas performs a repair on a customer’s vehicle in the service department at the Packey Webb Ford dealership in Downers Grove on Oct. 1, 2020.

While the automotive industry is showing signs of recovery, months of production stoppage, supply chain interruption and stay-at-home disruption has left many Chicago-area dealers with few new cars and lots of empty spaces.


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Adding to the inventory shortage, the new model year — an automotive rite of fall — has yet to hit showrooms in any significant numbers. Many 2021 models may not actually arrive until 2021.

“It’s kind of hard to sell from an empty cupboard when you don’t have any new vehicles,” said John Webb, a principal with family-owned Packey Webb Ford, a 58-year-old Downers

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Meili calls for judicial inquiry on Global Transportation Hub, Moe responds

Regina, Moose Jaw – The New Democratic Party promised a judicial inquiry into the Global Transportation Hub (GTH) development, should they form government after the Oct. 26 election, while the Saskatchewan Party said it was satisfied with the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and Provincial Auditor’s recommendations regarding the GTH.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili and Regina Rosemont Candidate Trent Wotherspoon spoke at the GTH site on the west side of Regina on Oct. 2.

Wotherspoon said, “This GTH, the hub, is mired in controversy and the donors of the Sask. Party made out with millions on this front. Meanwhile, taxpayers got ripped off. The Sask. Party has avoided providing answers, time and time again to Saskatchewan people on this front, they blocked witnesses and haven’t provided any accountability.”

Meili said, “What we’re committing to today is that in government, we will get those answers.

Wotherspoon and Meili noted that a sign

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UC Davis professor dies after car hits her bicycle, CHP says

A University of California, Davis chemistry professor emeritus died after she was struck by a car while riding a bicycle on a rural road in Yolo County.

Marilyn Olmstead, 77, of Davis died in the collision with the car Wednesday morning, according to the Yolo County Coroner’s Office.

The fatal crash was reported shortly after 10 a.m. just north of North Davis Farms Road and east of Highway 113, the California Highway Patrol Woodland Office reported. Olmstead was riding the bicycle west on a private road.

A 31-year-old Davis man was driving a 2002 Ford Focus about 40 to 45 mph and heading north on County Road 100A, also known as Sycamore Lane.

The CHP said Olmstead moved onto Sycamore lane, directly in the path of the oncoming Ford Focus.

The driver applied his brakes and veered to the left to avoid hitting the bicyclist. But the car’s front end

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Mystery car found fallen over cliff at Bay Area beach

Photo of Amy Graff

The California Highway Patrol is investigating a car found Friday fallen over a cliff at Montara State Beach in San Mateo County.

Nobody was found inside the car.

“We don’t know when the car went off the cliff,” said CHP spokesperson Mark Andrews. “The driver hasn’t been located.”

The California Highway Patrol is investigating a car found over a cliff at Montara State Beach in San Mateo County on Oct. 2, 2020.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating a car found over a cliff at Montara State Beach in San Mateo County on Oct. 2, 2020.

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