A Dale Earnhardt-Raced Oldsmobile IMSA Race Car Is Up for Auction

Photo credit: Bring a Trailer
Photo credit: Bring a Trailer

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Here at R0ad & Track, we strongly encourage Doing It For Dale. The Man, Dale Earnhardt, was the epitome of the full send, a cavalier racer that defines NASCAR til this day. If you want to embody his energy and style, there’s no better way than to do it in a race car wheeled by Earnhardt himself.

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One such option is this 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass IMSA/NASCAR race car. Piloted by Dale Sr. during its time as a Pontiac-bodied short-track racer, the Olds was later converted into an IMSA road-course car. Its cool history doesn’t end with Dale, though, as this Cutlass was also driven by Bobby Labonte, and later by Sports Illustrated author Sam Moses in two IMSA races. It passed through a couple of owners who refurbished it, but was finally bought by Moses who is now selling the car on Bring a Trailer.

Plus, as a commenter says, the car was the first race car made by legendary builder Jay Hedgecock. His cars have won more races than any other builder in history, meaning this car was special from birth. And look at it, a blue-blooded Radwood-era race car with an Oldsmobile body and a 358-cubic-inch, Penske-built V-8. It’s the sort of raw, pedigreed, fascinating car billionaires would pine for if it wasn’t famous for NASCAR, IMSA, and Dale. It’s a working class hero, a simple monster more important than many Ferraris but likely to go for less because it says “Oldsmobile” on the back. This thing embodies Dale’s spirit. Do it for him.

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