Mobility Industry Unites to Provide Free or Reduced-Cost Transportation on Election Day

Shared micromobility providers will make their products, such as bikes, e-scooters, ride share, and other mobility options, free or discounted to riders to cast their ballot. Voters can go to to find the nearest operator.

Many people who want to exercise their right to vote lack access to safe, reliable transportation. In 2016, 3% of Americans cited “transportation problems” as a barrier to voting1. 3% is representative of 4.6MM registered voters in 2020. NABSA, its members, and other partners want to ensure every voter has the ability to vote.

In the wake of COVID-19, NABSA and its partners are encouraging alternative methods of voting, like absentee ballots. However, many states do not accept the ongoing pandemic as a reason for mail-in ballots. In some areas, the deadline to register for an absentee ballot has passed. Roll to the Polls helps voters make a plan to get to the polls in advance and find  safe and socially distant modes of transportation.

“We are proud to see so many of our members on a united mission to get American citizens to their polling places,” said Sam Herr, Executive Director of NABSA. “Not only does shared micromobility provide riders with the freedom of fun, sustainable transportation but it also plays a vital role in eliminating the transportation barrier that exists for millions of voters.”

The following NABSA members are participating in Roll to the Polls:

By uniting the mobility industry, NABSA and its members hope to give people equitable access to voting polls so every voter can exercise their right to vote, regardless of the outcome. For more information on Roll to the Polls, visit

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