Motorcycle imports all over the world

Just like there are many different manufacturers for cars there are also loads of different manufacturers for things like motorcycles. When a business needs to import motorcycles, they import them from these businesses and other import places. Businesses can import their products from all over the world. What are the most well known places, and what brands do they tend to import from there?


Obviously, the price of importing products is pretty high. The prices are very different depending on which country you get it from, what kind of motorcycle it is, the brand, and where it has to be exported to. Your motorcycle is flown over to wherever you live or where the company that wants them is. While motorcycle imports take place, the price only gets higher and higher, the buyer has to pay import duty charges. These can vary from 60% to 100% on top of the price of the motorcycle. Because of thi, not every individual can afford to personally have a motorcycle imported. When that is the case, it’s nice to be able to get a motorcycle at a local dealer, because they import them as well.

Popular countries

As said before there are many different countries where motorcycle imports come from. China, Germany and Japan export the most motorcycles. The places that import motorcycles the most are Germany, the US, France, the Netherlands and the Philippines, these all imported for over a billion dollars worth of motorcycles. The places that imported the most are also the places people use motorcycles a lot. The Netherlands, for example, is very into the bicycle, motorcycle and scooter scene. They use these a lot and some people even use these forms of transport as an everyday form of transport to go to work or go to school.

Popular brands

The most popular motorcycle brands are Suzuki, Harley Davidson and BMW. These brands are the most sold all over the world. Harley Davidson is the most popular one when you look at motorcycles above a certain cubic capacity. The higher the cubic capacity, the more powerful your motorcycle is. The highest cubic capacity of a motorcycle is 6200cc, this is a Boss Hoss BHC-3. It’s a very powerful and big motorcycle, not to forget, it’s also a very loud motorcycle. The engine that is used in this one is by Chevrolet, and the motorcycle has 445 horsepower. Do you need more information? Then it’s good to read it online before you make a decision.

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