Nissan comes to the rescue with Re-Leaf electric emergency vehicle

In an emergency situation, response vehicles play crucial roles. They provide transport so emergency personnel can distribute essentials, resources, but electric cars open up so many new possibilities to provide even more assistance. That’s exactly what the Nissan Leaf-based Re-Leaf emergency vehicle concept explores.

Punny name aside, the Re-Leaf is an electric emergency response vehicle packed with some pretty nifty engineering and technology. But, Nissan didn’t just stuff it with cool stuff — the automaker outfitted the EV with all-terrain tires and underbody protection, and engineers lifted the little hatchback to make it more formidable on tough terrain.

When emergency workers do arrive, the Re-Leaf packs a punch. The rear opens to reveal a mobile workstation with a desk and monitor to create an on-the-go command center. The EV can deploy its fully charged battery to power other essential equipment such as flood lights, a heat source ventilators and more — all simultaneously at that.

Nissan noted it’s already put its EVs to use during natural disasters in Japan to restore power to various homes and businesses, but a fleet of electric rescue vehicles could really provide comfort as rolling generators of sorts. The automaker didn’t detail any plans to put such a vehicle into production, but with a fleshed-out concept like this, it seems like the company is, at a minimum, toying with the idea.

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