Portland Man Attacks Police Car, Pepper-Sprays Officer Inside

A man has been arrested after allegedly smashing a Portland Police patrol vehicle window and setting off pepper spray as an officer was sat inside.

a bunch of items that are sitting on a table: Portland Police later found a number of a number of items such as pepper spray, throwing knives and rocks inside the suspect's car.

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Portland Police later found a number of a number of items such as pepper spray, throwing knives and rocks inside the suspect’s car.

John B. Russell, 41, of Portland, has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a public safety officer, aggravated harassment and criminal mischief in the first degree following the incident, which occurred on Sunday morning.

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At 9:39 a.m., an officer working the 881 district in Central Precinct was parked in a marked patrol vehicle doing paperwork in the area of South Corbett Avenue and South Lane Street.

A male suspect then approached the police car and broke its back window, pepper-sprayed the interior, then fled to another vehicle and drove away.

The officer was able to broadcast the incident over the radio. The suspect’s vehicle was then located around six blocks away and stopped by police.

After pulling over the driver, officers found window punch tools, pepper spray, throwing knives, a laser pointer, a slingshot, rocks and other equipment inside the car.

Russell was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center.

“As police officers, we know that the vast majority of community members who approach and contact us do so with no intention to do us harm,” Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell said in a statement.

“However, attacks like this one remind us all that there is the potential for people to try to take direct violent action against police officers. I applaud the officer for remaining calm and locating the involved subject and thank our investigators for furthering this investigation.”

Elsewhere, a woman was arrested after she jumped on a police motorcycle while an officer was trying to avoid a hostile crowd during yet another night of protests in Portland.

Just after midnight on Saturday, October 3, a traffic officer approached a vehicle blocking traffic at East Burnside Street and Northeast 47th Avenue. While doing so, a crowd of protesters swarmed around the officer.

While trying to get the crowd to disperse, objects were thrown at the officer. The officer then slowly pulled his motorcycle forward to disengage, turning to avoid some people standing in his way.

A woman then jumped on the front of the motorcycle and was pushed aside. The woman refused medical treatment when offered and did not co-operate with law enforcement. Police and medics who arrived to assist then left the scene.

Less than an hour later, the officers learned that the person had returned to the Kelly Building and she was arrested nearby. One other person was also arrested after they tried to interfere with police attempting to detain the woman.

The officer on the motorcycle was not injured during the incident.

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