Shaquille O’neal’s custom bicycle is called the Thomson Beast

Two years ago, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal splurged what we assume to be a considerable sum (at least by non-professional athlete standards) on a customized van befitting the former National Basketball Association (NBA) Most Valuable Player.

Now, you’d be forgiven for filing this purchase as another run-of-the-mill display of lavishness because, well, let’s face it—this ride is pretty lavish, and Shaq did have a very lucrative playing career. But it’s more than that. Being a 7’1” behemoth like O’Neal is no walk in the park, especially when it comes to getting around town. As such, it’ll take a hell of a ride to keep someone of the Big Diesel’s stature comfy while in transit.

So, we guess something like a simple bicycle is out of the question then? The answer is yes—if you’re referring to regular-person bikes, that is

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Bicycle parts manufacturer Thomson Bike Products recently presented O’Neal with a pedal-powered two-wheeler capable of carrying his massive frame and weight. It’s called the Thomson Beast. Check it out:

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Apparently, a Thomson executive lived near the O’Neal residence and saw that the Big Shamrock’s (yeah, he has a lot of nicknames with ‘big’ in it) bicycle was in a pretty sorry state. Being a good neighbor, he decided to do something about it and asked his company’s engineers to get to work. This is the result.

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“The overall size fit him perfect and with the functionality of a dropper – it’s definitely unlike any other bike he’s ever ridden,” Thomson’s official Facebook page shared in a post. “Big, strong, light, and totally custom!”

Judging by the photos, the Thomson Beast is one gargantuan bicycle. We can’t help but wonder how many times normal-sized midgets like us would tip over trying to get on the thing. Do you think you’d be able to pedal this bicycle?

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