January 24, 2021

1-year-old dies in hot car after dad won’t break window

When Sidney Deal found his 1-year-old daughter locked inside his new car Monday afternoon, he asked his girlfriend to call his insurance company about sending a locksmith, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

But after 20 minutes of haggling over the cost, Deal told her to hang up and went outside to flag down a passing police officer at 3:30 p.m., according to the publication.

The officer offered to break a window or call a tow truck, but Deal instead asked him to call his brother, KMOV reported. When his brother arrived, Deal asked him to call their mother to summon a locksmith using her insurance.

His brother wrapped his T-shirt around his fist and prepared to break a window on the Nissan Altima, but Deal stopped him and said he could not afford to replace it, KLAS reported.

Deal eventually permitted the officer to break a window on the car,

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