January 19, 2021

Pa. driver with suspended license admits hitting bicycle-pulled carrier that critically injured infant

LEWISBURG – The driver of a SUV that struck a then 11-month-old girl in a carrier being pulled by her mother’s bicycle has pleaded guilty to a charge of aggravated assault by vehicle.

Tyler Bean–Dowell, 30, of Millmont, entered the plea Tuesday in Union County court.

There is an agreement other charges are to be dismissed but not on the sentence that is scheduled to be imposed in December. Sentencing guidelines call for jail time.

Bean-Dowell admitted he was the driver of the SUV that on April 21 struck the carrier in which the infant was riding. It was being pulled by a bicycle ridden by her mother, Abigail Martin of Lewisburg.

The infant, Megan, who was injured critically, has recovered, District Attorney D. Peter Johnson said.

Bean-Dowell had been charged with two counts of aggravated assault by vehicle with Martin being the other victim.

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Former Aurora cop admits to ignoring Black woman’s cries for help after she fell head-first on the floor while hogtied in a patrol car

A police officer in Aurora, Colorado, admitted Thursday to ignoring a Black woman’s cries for help after she fell head-first while hogtied in the back of a patrol car for nearly 21 minutes in August 2019. Video footage of the incident, first shown by the city on Tuesday, is part of an appeal hearing for former police officer Levi Huffine, who was fired over the incident in February. 

The video, timestamped shortly before 5:30 p.m. on August 27, 2019, begins with a woman later identified as 28-year-old Shataean Kelly kneeling on the ground with her hands in the air after allegedly getting into a fight with another woman. 

Huffine handcuffs her, and when the audio picks up roughly 30 seconds in, Huffine is heard saying he had deployed his Taser. When Kelly tried to tell the officer that she wasn’t responsible for the incident that police responded to, he told

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EU won’t grant preferential trade terms to UK car industry, admits Frost

The British car industry will face new barriers exporting to Europe even if a UK-EU trade agreement is agreed later this year, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator has admitted.

In a letter to the auto industry, David Frost conceded that he had failed to convince Brussels to take a more flexible approach when it came to assessing how cars manufactured using non-EU parts could qualify for zero-tariff access to the bloc under a trade deal. 

The UK has been pushing during trade negotiations for manufacturers to be able to count, or “cumulate” Turkish, Japanese or other non-EU inputs as “local” for the purposes of exporting under the agreement but Brussels has rejected the request.

Under standard EU trade rules, a vehicle must typically be 45 per cent “locally made” in order to qualify for zero-tariff access to the bloc.

The letter raises fears in the industry that a lopsided trade

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