January 23, 2021

Dear Annie: Reader irked by calls from the car

Dear Annie: I had to write to ask your opinion on something that’s been irking me for years now: I know many people who only call me when they’re in the car. More and more friends are doing this; with everyone using cellphones (as opposed to home phones), you can’t tell if they are in their car when calling so you answer it.

I feel I am being used to make their trip to wherever go quicker and fill in the void. Then they get to their destination and say, “Well, I am here,” and hang up. Oh, and don’t forget the commentary on other drivers or spying something different or whatever.

Am I the only one who is bothered by people only calling when they are in their car?  Am I just old-fashioned and need to realize that this is the new normal? — Call Me From Home


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