January 16, 2021

Toddler Killed in His Mother’s Arms as Carjacker Steals Their Car in a Hospital Carpark

GOFUNDME Bailey Bingham and Zayden McLean

A Texas toddler was killed by a hit-and-run driver over the weekend.

Zayden McLean, who would have turned 2 next month, died when a man attempting to steal his mother’s car ran into both of them before driving off.

Bailey Bingham, Zayden’s mom, was reportedly meeting his dad Shea McLean in the parking lot of the Texas Health Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, The Dallas Morning News reported, to exchange custody.

A man, later identified as alleged suspect Nico Lorenzo Dela-Fuente, interrupted the family and tried to steal Bingham’s vehicle, police told the outlet. McLean got into the car in an attempt to stop the car from being stolen and the pair struggled while the car was in reverse.

Fort Worth Police Officer Gezim Pollozani told Fox 4 News that Bingham was holding Zayden “in her arms as the vehicle was reversing and

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Arm’s chip designs safely power automotive and industrial automation

  • Arm’s new chip architectures for industrial and automotive automation promise advancements in safety and efficiency.
  • But this new architecture could draw more scrutiny toward Nvidia’s potential acquisition.

UK-based semiconductor designer Arm unveiled high-performance CPU and GPU architectures that promise to unlock more advanced automation across industrial and automotive use cases.

nvidia revenues, by fiscal quarter

Arm’s autonomous chip architecture could draw scrutiny toward Nvidia’s potential acquisition.

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Since Arm’s architectures are widely licensed throughout the chip industry, the new designs could accelerate development within the automotive and industrial automation sectors. Arm claims the Cortex-A78AE CPU will offer a 30% performance boost relative to its predecessor, while the Mali-G78AE GPU will unlock more advanced autonomous capabilities by enabling up to 24 shader cores to function simultaneously. 

The new chips utilize partitioned architecture, allowing them to efficiently address safety concerns that hamper automation efforts. Because of the high stakes of a miscalculation, chips for autonomous

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