January 27, 2021

YouTuber records ASMR-worthy restoration of rusty Porsche toy car [Video]

Serhii Viktorov is the crafter behind the YouTube channel, Olly. Viktorov’s specialty is restoring old items like a worse for wear axe, vintage clock and an oil lamp from the 1950s. For his latest project in September, the vlogger restored a rusty toy Porsche 911. 

In the video, which was uploaded to Newsflare, Viktorov started by dismantling the retro toy into its separate plastic and metal parts. He scrubbed the metal frame clean, then applied a rust remover. The car’s body looks nearly immaculate after he revealed its original metallic sheen.

To make it look like new, Viktorov spray-painted the frame yellow. He finished things off by cleaning the plastic parts and spray-painting them silver, black and white. Once dried, he reconnected the pieces and even added his own license plate and Porsche decal stickers.

You’d never guess the toy was ever covered in rust. 

The Porsche 911 first debuted

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