January 19, 2021

Man in awe over stranger’s heartwarming response to his missing bicycle: ‘He is a legend’

An act of kindness that happened in July is just now going viral on Reddit a few months later. 

A Reddit user shared the story of Steve Farmer, a train commuter, and Abdul Muneeb, a railway worker in London, in the forum “Humans Being Bros.” One day, Farmer left his bike locked in a train station. But when he returned he was certain it had been stolen. 

“Left work at 6 p.m. to find just the cut lock and no bike. Resigned to never seeing my trust stead again, asked the station if they have cameras. A guy appeared waving at me, asked me to put the code into my cut lock. He replied, ‘I have your bike’ with a smile I will never forget! His name is Abdul and he works for South Eastern Railways,” Farmer wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post that was reshared on Twitter


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