January 25, 2021

Blackburn Design partners with Bicycle Nomad to promote diversity

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (BRAIN) — What began as an Instagram comment encouraging Blackburn Design to adopt a more inclusive marketing message quickly developed into a partnership between the 45-year-old company and a cycling pioneer with a far reach.

Blackburn hired the Bicycle Nomad, otherwise known as Erick Cedeño, as a paid brand ambassador to supplement the company’s social media posts and engage the public through cycling initiatives. Cedeño’s Bicycle Nomad Instagram page has nearly 26,000 followers.

“Quite literally, that is what started this conversation: Erick posting a comment on our Instagram account,” said Dan Powell, Blackburn Design marketing manager. “I followed up with him and asked if he had time to chat via phone. One conversation turned into a couple, and we decided to just have a standing call every Wednesday.”

That was June 4, and that’s when the brainstorming began.

“In our weekly calls, we asked each other questions,”

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