January 26, 2021

How Disc Brakes Work

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City Council Hits Brakes On Plans For Bicycle Playground

Plans to build a bicycle playground at Concord Community Park faced resistance Tuesday night from the City Council, which chose to postpone a vote on the proposal until a future meeting.

Council members focused on the possible operating and maintenance costs of the project, which would be built and paid for by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority through its Street Smarts Diablo program, as well as impacts near its proposed location on Cowell Road.

The CCTA is proposing what it described as a “miniature street-scape” within the park with bicycle-sized “roads,” scaled-down signals and traffic signs and other markings to help would-be riders learn how to navigate busy pathways and roadways.

The bicycle playground might end up going to another city, though, unless the council members get on board with Concord Community Park as the location.

Council members asked if other parks in the city were better options for the

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