January 17, 2021

Bringing Smart Factory Vision to the Automotive Industry

FREMONT, CA: The automotive market is changing, with automakers now classing themselves as technology companies rather than carmakers. So it is no surprise that automotive manufacturing is being changed too. As the Industrial Internet of Things evolves, as robots take on redundant operations, analytics, AI, cloud platforms, digital twins, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, and 5G promise milliondollar gains, automotive makers want the smart factory action.

The smart factory enables production to respond even faster to international market dynamics and to change, even more, specific customer demand. Digital production also makes it seamless to produce increasingly sophisticated products. Efficient use of resources like energy, buildings or materials is a competitive factor, a completely digital operations chain also means constant inventory control, and components can be identified anywhere anytime. Production facilities can be managed from anywhere.

Flexible production processes, simplified modification of existing production facilities and the installation of new facilities enable

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