January 26, 2021

1,300 mile bicycle ride to raise funds for brother who died in Kokomo | News

Andrew Shipley was in Kokomo July 2 visiting his in-laws, when he got out of the shower and collapsed in the hallway, bleeding from his nose. By the end of the day, the 39-year-old had died from what doctors discovered was undiagnosed leukemia.

Andrew’s brother, Nate, said the news came as a staggering blow to the family, but no one felt the loss more keenly than Andrew’s wife, Jessie, a Kokomo native.

The two had recently bought a house in Cape Coral, Florida, where they lived with Jessie’s three daughters, and were close to celebrating their eight-year anniversary on Oct. 27.

Nate said his brother’s unexpected death left Jessie and the kids not only emotionally crushed, but also financially strapped and struggling to make ends meet.

But Nate doesn’t plan on standing idly by and watching his sister in-law struggle. Instead, he plans to ride – and ride and ride

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