January 26, 2021

Mark Rosenker, transportation safety expert who served George W. Bush, dies at 73

Mr. Rosenker chaired the country’s accident investigation agency from 2005 to 2009, leading the National Transportation Safety Board through investigations that examined the catastrophic collapse of a bridge over the Mississippi River as well as the plane crash that killed millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett.

He later joined CBS News as a radio and television analyst, founded a transportation-safety consulting group and was appointed one of the first members of the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission, an independent oversight group for the regional transit agency.

Mr. Rosenker, who had called Metro’s worker-safety record “unacceptable” during an NTSB investigation of a fatal train accident in 2006, recently completed a term as vice chairman of the safety commission. The group issued a scathing report in September calling Metro’s rail operations center a “toxic workplace,” with a culture that was “antithetical to safety.”

Like his father, Stanley, a transportation expert who rose to become an

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