January 16, 2021

Ad campaign hits California Gov. Gavin Newsom on fracking

Good morning and happy Thursday! So what did you think of the vice presidential debates?


Via Hannah Wiley…

Gov. Gavin Newsom in recent weeks, following a series of oppressive heat waves and amid deadly wildfires that have burned through more than 4 million acres in the Golden State, has pledged through executive orders that California will take the charge against climate change by reducing carbon emissions and protecting natural resources.

But a coalition of 750 environmental and public interest groups are urging the Democratic governor to get even bolder by promising to phase out oil drilling as part of his broader climate change mitigation strategy.

Today, the Last Chance Alliance will begin playing ads on Sacramento radio stations, voiced by people who were sickened by or live close to oil wells in California.

“We hope that Governor Newsom will get the message loud and clear. His

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