January 17, 2021

SmashIt2 in Worcester is raising money for cancer research by having visitors wack a car, pink toilets, TVs and vases with a sledgehammer in October

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Only a few scribbles existed on the walls when SmashIt2 opened in July on Canterburty Street in Worcester.

Even amid a global pandemic, only a few months later, messages from visitors clutter the walls with each one cementing a memory from destroying vases, television sets or windows.

“We came. We saw. We smashed” stands out in neon pink paint as one of hundreds in a hallway illuminated with black light.

SmashIt2 in Worcester celebrates Halloween

SmashIt2 in Worcester implemented neon spray paint and black lights as part of its events in October.

“The most rewarding part that we’re seeing is they all come with a story and they all share their story and the beauty of it is our wall,” said Darcy Cook, who founded Smash It 2 with her brother, Joseph Ceccarelli.

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