May 13, 2021

Car fire kills female driver after vehicle hits tree in Roosevelt, Nassau cops say

A female driver was killed Sunday afternoon in Roosevelt after she crashed a Toyota into a tree, and the vehicle caught fire, according to the Nassau County Police Department.

The crash happened on Hudson Avenue, between Elysian Terrace and North Long Beach Avenue, at about 4:10 p.m. as the driver was headed westbound in a 2020 Toyota RAV4.

She “left the roadway and struck a tree,” according to a news release from Police Officer Eric Evensen, a department spokesman.

“As a result of the collision her car became fully engulfed in flames,” the release said.

The Roosevelt Fire Department extinguished the fire, and she was found inside and declared dead at the scene, according to the release, which said her name would be withheld until her family can be notified.

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Woman plows car into Trump supporters; NY Times omits key detail

The New York Times and NPR covered the same story on Sunday when a liberal activist was caught on video plowing a car through a group of Trump supporters, but the liberal newspaper omitted a key detail that NPR and other outlets managed to divulge.

Tatiana Turner was charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon after she allegedly tried to plow through a group of pro-Trump demonstrators.


“A prolonged confrontation between Black Lives Matter and pro-Trump demonstrators outside Los Angeles turned violent Saturday, as someone drove a car through the pro-Trump group. The driver has been charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon,” NPR’s Matthews Schwartz wrote. “Police say the driver in Saturday’s incident was a member of the so-called ‘Caravan for Justice,’ which organized the Black

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Buying a new car? These tech features could drive your choice

What do automotive shoppers really want?

Buying a new car? Ford and Toyota hope tech features drive your choice toward these SUVs



A few years ago, those who kicked the tires on new vehicles might have prioritized fuel efficiency, comfort, or perhaps horsepower.

Today, it’s all about the tech.

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“The race never ends to develop ‘must have’ vehicle technologies,” says Kristin Kolodge, executive director of driver interaction and human machine interface research at J.D. Power. “New technology continues to be a primary factor in the vehicle purchase decision.”

a man driving a car: Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology gets revamped in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, out this year, including automatic lane changes, and more. Unlike Tesla’s Autopilot, you don’t need your hands on the wheel but need to be looking at the road.

© Jim Frenak-FPI Studios / General Motors
Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology gets revamped in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade, out this year, including automatic lane changes, and more. Unlike Tesla’s Autopilot, you don’t need your hands on the wheel but need to be

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Deadly Snake Found Slithering Inside Glove Box Of Car [WATCH]

A woman “got a hell of a fright” after she found a deadly snake slithering inside the glove box of her car in the Australian town of Clarendon.

The unidentified woman was driving when she realized there was a snake inside the glove box. She  then managed to pull over in front of a medical store and contact experts who sent snake catcher Andrew Smedley to the location. 

The video of the removal of the Red-Bellied Black snake went viral after it was posted on Facebook by Smedley.

“The lady driving obviously got a hell of a fright as she seen it coming out while driving & pulled in to the chemist. I opened up the glove box and there it was sitting nice and content,” Smedley wrote in the post. “It’s usually a nightmare to find a snake when its got in to a car but luckily found this

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Hyundai’s Latest Veloster Concept Is an 810-HP All-Electric Rear-Drive Track Car

Photo credit: Hyundai
Photo credit: Hyundai

From Road & Track

In a follow-up to its all-electric eTCR Veloster race car introduced last year, Hyundai has built a new battery-powered concept based on our favorite hot hatch. It’s called the RM20e, and like the Veloster eTCR, it has a mid-mounted motor, and spins the rear wheels. Developed in collaboration with Rimac, it makes a claimed 810 horsepower and 708 lb-ft of torque. That is… a lot.

The RM20e is the latest in Hyundai’s long line of mid-ship Veloster concepts, with the first debuting in 2015. The RM stands for “Racing Midship.” According to the South Korean company, the car is an engineering “rolling lab” for testing its new high-performance tech. The single 800-volt electric motor is powered by a 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, able to propel the car to 60 mph in less than three seconds, and to 124 mph in 9.88 seconds. Top

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