January 20, 2021

Your bicycle might be causing your back problem

Whether you cycle for fun or bike to work, your first concern about your own health when cycling will probably be about what happens if there’s an accident.

But have you also considered if your bike’s setup could be gradually causing a back injury?

Health experts say you need to pay attention to how low your handlebars are and how much strain this puts on your back.

”Posture on a bicycle is generally a matter of personal preference,” says orthopaedist Dr Christin Siebert, noting that what’s good for your back, legs or arms depends on various factors.

One factor is having a medical condition.

If you suffer from hip osteoarthritis, for instance, a saddle that’s too low can cause joint irritation as the greater bend in your legs will press the head of the femur or thigh bone, into the bone’s socket, she says.

This can be painful.

A slightly

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Ludlow Police arrest man accused of striking a pedestrian, causing a 3-car collision and escaping by swimming

LUDLOW – A Connecticut man faces multiple charges after he allegedly hit a pedestrian, caused a three-car collision while trying to flee the scene and then swam across the Chicopee River to escape the second crash.

Andrew J. Milne, 39, of Stafford Springs, was identified after an investigation and later turned himself into Ludlow Police. He was arraigned in Palmer District Court on Tuesday on three counts of leaving the scene of a property damage accident, two counts of leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, resisting arrest, reckless operation and multiple motor vehicle violations, Police Chief Daniel J. Valadas said.

Milne is accused of striking a female pedestrian with his truck on Sept. 20 at the intersection of Cady and West streets. The victim was taken to Baystate Medical Center by Ludlow firefighter paramedics and was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening, he said.

He sped

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