January 23, 2021

How the customers gave Chey Car a lift

When an underinsured driver took Chey Eisenman off the road, her customers were there to give her a lift.

It had been a rough 2020 for Chey Car, the beloved Twin Cities car service Eisenman founded during one recession and kept running through a pandemic, recession and the rise of ride-shares.

Business was down as much as 90% as the pandemic cratered corporate travel. But Eisenman, a former cabdriver, had a loyal customer base who knew they could rely on her for a ride to the airport at 6 a.m., or a ride home from a concert at midnight, or for the long drive down to Mayo Clinic. Even when corporate accounts dried up, her customers booked enough rides to pay the bills.

Until last month, when the accident that wrecked Chey’s car nearly wrecked Chey Car.

“Already, it’s been sort of a traumatizing year,” Eisenman said. “Fast-forward to some

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