January 23, 2021

Do Chiefs, NFL teams have letdowns? And 1st or worst car for A-Teamers

Chiefs-Patriots matchups have produced some of the NFL’s most dramatic games over the past few years. Will that be the case again on Sunday?

The Star’s A-Team of Sam McDowell, Herbie Teope, Vahe Gregorian and Sam Mellinger break down Sunday’s game between the previous two Super Bowl champions on SportsBeat Live, presented here as a SportsBeat KC podcast.

For the only time this season, the Chiefs will be preparing on a short week, and they’ll be facing a former MVP quarterback for the second straight weekend: Cam Newton. Plus, this is a battle of coaching titans: Andy Reid vs. Bill Belichick. Also, could this be a letdown game for the Chiefs after their resounding triumph at Baltimore on Monday?

All that, plus the candy-corn topic of the week: first/worst car, in honor of Kansas Speedway maintaining two races for the 2021 schedule, which was announced Wednesday.

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