January 19, 2021

Driver with marijuana shake on his lap and straight face tells officer his vehicle is clean: Broadview Heights Police Blotter


Drug abuse, I-77: On Sept. 12, police observed a speeding black Toyota Corolla traveling northbound on I-77.

The officer noted the Toyota’s registration expired in June. While talking to the driver, who said he was going a little too fast to pass other vehicles, the officer smelled marijuana.

In plain sight, the officer saw a glass jar containing residue. When the driver exited the Toyota, the officer observed shake on his lap.

When asked about the odor and the shake, the driver had no idea and stressed there was nothing inside of the Corolla.

During a search of the Toyota, police found marijuana and a scale. Due to the fact the driver didn’t show any signs of impairment, he was released from the scene.

However, the driver did get cited for speeding, expired plates, drug abuse and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Fraud, Cranberry Ridge: On Sept. 10,

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Hydrogen embrittlement creates complications for clean energy storage, transportation


IMAGE: Hydrogen can cause brittleness in several metals including ferritic steel, but recent advancements provide insight into the embrittlement process.

a) The arrowhead-shaped delaminations in stainless steel reveal cracks with significantly higher…
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Credit: O. Sobol, G. Holzlechner, G. Nolze, T. Wirth, D. Eliezer, T. Boellinghaus, and W.E.S. Unger

WASHINGTON, October 6, 2020 — As the global energy market shifts from coal, petroleum fuel, and natural gas to more environmentally friendly primary energy sources, hydrogen is becoming a crucial pillar in the clean energy movement. Developing safe and cost-effective storage and transportation methods for hydrogen is essential but complicated given the interaction of hydrogen with structural materials.

Hydrogen can cause brittleness in several metals including ferritic steel — a type of steel used in structural components of buildings, automobile gears and axles, and industrial equipment. Recent advancements in experimental tools and multiscale modeling are starting to provide insight

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