January 27, 2021

Photos: Bear demolishes Colorado car after getting trapped


A bear demolished the inside of a Colorado driver’s car while looking for food, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said. Photos show the car doors badly damaged.


A bear isn’t the kind of passenger you want in the car, but a Colorado driver is finding out the hard way.

A curious and hungry bear broke into a car near Colorado Springs on Thursday and demolished the inside of the car, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said on Twitter.

“This is a potentially dangerous situation for the driver and the bear,” CPW’s Southeast Region said on Twitter. “And even if the bear leaves without conflict, wait until you see the interior.”

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Northern Colorado transportation leaders have the will, not the funds, for road overhauls

Although strong political will remains to improve Interstate 25 and several other thoroughfares across Northern Colorado, a group of transportation officials and government leaders say the revenue damage from the pandemic is crimping a go-ahead attitude.

The group of 12 executives spoke remotely Tuesday morning at BizWest’s Northern Colorado CEO Roundtable on transportation.

Municipal woes hurt momentum

David May, the soon-to-be-retiring CEO of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, said momentum for repairing and expanding I-25 north of Longmont has grown to the highest it’s been in decades. He pointed to construction of climbing lane near Berthoud, which was the first capacity upgrade in that section of the interstate since the ‘60s.

But while commitments to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars are already in place for large portions of the overall improvement project, the COVID pandemic and the squeeze on economic activity is forcing the state

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Police in Aurora, Colorado, release video of woman restrained with her head on floor of police car crying for help

A fired police officer in Aurora, Colorado, said he was “very remorseful” for dismissing the pleas of a Black woman who was upside down with her hands and feet tied together on the floorboard of his patrol car for roughly 21 minutes.

a person in a car: An Aurora, Colorado, police officer was fired for not helping a woman rolled onto the floor of his police car while her hands and feet were tied together.

© Chris Welch/CNN
An Aurora, Colorado, police officer was fired for not helping a woman rolled onto the floor of his police car while her hands and feet were tied together.

Officer Levi Huffine was fired in February over the August 2019 incident but earlier this week, police made public video of the incident and Huffine testified at an appeal hearing.

Body camera footage shows the woman being handcuffed, taken to a police car and later her hands and feet were hog-tied using a soft restraint hobble.

Police officers can be heard saying in the video that the woman, identified as 28-year-old Shataean Kelly by CNN affiliate

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Video shows woman hogtied face-down in Colorado police car


Police in Aurora, Colorado hogtied a woman and put her inside a patrol car, where she fell head first, crying ‘I can’t breathe.’ The officer ignored her, video shows.


A video shown during an appeal hearing for a fired officer shows him hogtying a woman, putting her in the back of a patrol car and ignoring her cries for help as she falls to the floorboard.

Aurora police officer Levi Huffine was fired after the August 2019 incident. He is appealing to the civil service commission to get his job back.

During Tuesday’shearing, the video shows Huffine placing Shataean Kelly, 28, in custody, KCNC reported. She was arrested “on municipal charges resulting from a fight,” according to the TV station.

Huffine testified before the civil service commission on Thursday and said he was sorry for what happened to Kelly during the 21-minute ride to the jail, according to KUSA.

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