January 22, 2021

Time tale: ‘Bicycle Junction’ combines Grand Valley history with biking for quite the ride | Lifestyle

Three times Chris Brown tried to give away a box filled with bicycle-related odds and ends he had collected.

There were pictures and articles he had found or that had been given to him by customers and friends. There was even a trophy from the 1920s that a customer’s grandfather had won in a bicycle sprint.

“I’m interested in it and they want to share their stories, I guess,” said Brown, owner of Brown Cycles while sitting in his store downtown.

He thought all those things in the box could be used to create a book and “I wanted to read it,” he said.

But three times he got the box back from potential authors.

Then one night during a stay at a hotel he realized he could organize the items in the box by decade. His mind began switching gears and soon he was on a trail of

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