January 19, 2021

Rhode Island warns of Covid-19 ‘car pool clusters’ as more commuters head back to the office

Car pools are good for the environment and help ease congestion, but they can be risky in the midst of a pandemic.

That’s the warning the Rhode Island Department of Health is sounding after tracing a spate of new infections to car pool clusters.

So far, the number of infections is tiny.

“Of all the people who have tested positive, roughly 15 have reported carpooling in the 14 days before symptom onset,” Rhode Island Health Department spokesman Joseph Wendelken said Tuesday in an email to NBC News. “They work for eight different organizations.”

But Rhode Island is a tiny and very congested state. The average commute for state residents traveling by car, public transportation and other means is about 24.8 minutes, according to U.S. Census and other data compiled by the IndexMundi website.

And many Rhode Islanders commute to work in Boston, which has some of the worst traffic in

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