January 23, 2021

Trump’s COVID-19 car ride a compromise after he demanded to leave hospital

  • President Donald Trump reportedly demanded to leave the hospital on Sunday but doctors urged him against it.
  • Trump’s controversial car ride outside of the hospital was a compromise, the New York Times reported.
  • Medical professionals said that Trump needlessly put the lives of Secret Service agents at risk.
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President Donald Trump demanded to leave Walter Reed on Sunday, according to reports from CNN and the New York Times, but doctors urged him against doing so. 

The car ride that Trump took near the hospital, which put Secret Service agents at risk, was a compromise, according to the Times. 

Trump, who tested positive for COVID-19 last week and was subsequently taken to Walter Reed, is reportedly concerned that he looks “weak” being in the hospital. 

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

The president could be seen

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