January 27, 2021

Bicycle Playground With Mini Street System Proposed For Concord

CONCORD,CA — The Concord City Council on Tuesday night could decide to endorse the concept of a bicycle playground —a network of small-scale bicycle-sized “roads” within Concord Community Park — where children and adults riding bikes would be able to learn the rules of the road.

The park would be built and paid for by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority through its Street Smarts Diablo program. The city of Concord would be responsible for programming, operations, controlling reserved use and ongoing maintenance.

CCTA proposes building what is described as a “miniature street-scape” with the roads and their scaled-down signals, traffic signs, road markings, bus stops, bike lanes, railroad crossings and other real-life traffic markers and obstacles.

“Learning to bicycle by navigating busy roadways, amidst real-life traffic, may discourage would be riders and has the potential for grave consequences for those willing to try,” according to a Street Smarts Diablo news

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