January 22, 2021

New Milford cracking down on car taxes for out-of-state transplants

NEW MILFORD — Many Connecticut towns have seen an influx of city dwellers looking to escape their crowded living arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic. Now that many have made the move permanent, local officials want to make sure they are paying their share.

New Milford is no exception, launching a program Thursday through a contract with Municipal Tax Services in an effort to ensure people who have moved to town are registering their vehicles and paying the related taxes.

“We had some residents throughout the summer say they thought it wasn’t fair that the onus of motor vehicle taxes were borne by some and not by others,” Mayor Pete Bass said, adding that tax revenue goes toward services used by most of the community, such as schools and improvements to roads and bridges.

Bass said many people may not be aware they have to register their cars. All new residents

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