January 16, 2021

Jackson Automotive Group CEO deals with crises, one after another

There are so many health concerns around COVID-19. Are your processes different in how you’re handling customers?

I think as Americans, we’re very resilient. As car dealers, we’re even more resilient. You know, when this came out, we had to unfold and rethink the entire business and put up shields and wipe everything down.

We’re car people. I mean, we go and work on a car. You grab lunch. And we never wash our hands. You know what I’m saying?

You’re just always on the run. So I think the entire business has been rethought over the last six months.

And I think that shows, one, how quick we can adapt and the resilience that we do have as car dealers. Because we’re always being thrown something. If it’s not the tariffs, it’s this. If it’s not the downturn, it’s that. If it’s not the recalls — you know

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