January 17, 2021

“Forget Crossing Through The City By Car”

In the first major interview since her re-election as Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo told Le Parisien that her manifesto promise to crack down on motoring in the French capital would be kept.

“We must forget the crossing of Paris from east to west by car,” she told the daily newspaper.

‘The city needs to evolve,” she added.

Comfortably re-elected in June for a second term, she said she intends to create permanent curb-protected cycleways and expand the number of lockdown cycleways, known in French as “coronapistes.” At an urban planning conference later this month she also plans to reveal plans on restricting petrol-powered motoring on the usually car-clogged highways on the upper quays of the Seine.

Paris created 45 kilometers of coronapistes during lockdown, and now a further

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Florida transportation agency takes railroad crossing safety in STRIDE

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Every year in North America, 2,100 people are killed or seriously injured engaging in unsafe behavior around trains and railroad tracks, according to traffic safety officials.

The Florida Department of Transportation is working to ensure these intersections are even safer with a new project called Operation Stride.

STRIDE stands for the Statewide Traffic and Railroad Initiative using Dynamic Envelopes.

Dynamic envelopes are high visibility paint designs placed in front of railroad crossings on the roadway to show all those using the intersection where the correct safe space is to stop.

The initiative ensures all state-owned railroad crossings have the new treatment to make sure they are highly visible so pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers can use the crossings as safely as possible.

FDOT spokesman Hampton Ray said the design is a proactive countermeasure to keep all those using the intersections at a safe distance.

“There’s a 15% decrease

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