January 20, 2021

Central Dauphin School District halts transportation services while staff quarantines

The Central Dauphin School District will be unable to provide bus transportation to students through next week after learning that several transportation services team members need to quarantine.

Transportation services will be stopped from tomorrow through Oct. 16, the district said in a statement released Thursday afternoon.

“Several individuals who assist in the coordination of transportation services are required to quarantine and that has, in turn, affected the District’s ability to ensure the safe, effective and appropriate transportation of students for this brief period of time,” the district said.

The district did not comment on what prompted the need for quarantining.

This means that during the quarantine period, the district can’t provide transportation to its facilities or to the private, parochial or charter schools that the district serves.

The district has been in contact with the school community, as well as the schools to which it normally provides transportation services.

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