January 22, 2021

De Blasio Ignores His Own Transportation Experts As Cyclist Deaths Rise And Traffic Gridlock Returns

In May, as the city continued to fight to keep down its coronavirus infection rate, Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed transit experts to a Surface Transportation Advisory Council. “These councils will provide real world guidance to ensure our plans to reopen the city make sense and keep people safe,” de Blasio said in a release.

The transportation experts submitted a long list of ideas to the mayor this summer. Among the suggestions: aggressively expand street space for pedestrians and ramp up bike lane installation with the goal of doubling ridership; come up with a plan for restricting vehicular traffic in Manhattan like the city did after 9/11, “should traffic congestion surge”; and come up with a “robust communications plan” to help New Yorkers get out of their cars and find other ways to get around.

The de Blasio administration did not respond to the panel. Nor did they respond to

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Tragic story of his first wife and daughter’s deaths

Tragedy in the early stages of Joe Biden's career has influenced the way he conducts himself. (Getty)
Tragedy in the early stages of Joe Biden’s career has influenced the way he conducts himself. (Getty)

For every politician, events of their past influence their political career and the person they are. 

But for Joe Biden, the story is particularly poignant. 

The 77-year-old was just embarking on his journey in politics when his life was changed irreparably by the death of his wife and daughter. 

That moment in 1972 would not only change the presidential hopeful’s personal life, but would influence the way he conducts himself on the public stage. 

Who was Joe Biden’s first wife? 

Biden met Neilia Hunter in 1963 on the beach in Nassau during spring break, when she was a sophomore at Syracuse University and he was a junior at the University of Delaware. 

Following his degree, Biden moved to Syracuse to attend law school and the couple married in 1966 while he was still

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