Glendale sold city-owned land to Arrowhead BMW in 2017. (Photo: Jen Fifield/The Arizona Republic)

Glendale will see three new luxury car dealerships open in the coming months, adding to the high-end auto hub developing on the city’s north end.

A Cadillac dealership opened along Glendale’s stretch of Bell Road in 2013, followed by a BMW dealership near Loop 101 between Beardsley Road and Union Hills Drive in 2018. Now, a Volvo dealership is slated to open in December and a pair of Land Rover and Jaguar dealerships are scheduled to open in February, all near Loop 101 and Beardsley Road, just a stone’s throw north of the BMW dealership.

The high-end dealerships get Glendale back into the automotive sales game, which provide a lucrative sales tax revenue stream for cities.

Decades ago, Glendale was home to a thriving “Auto Row” along Glendale Avenue. Evan Mecham, who would later be elected