October 22, 2020

CA To Redress Discriminatory Transportation And State Park Names

CALIFORNIA — State officials announced Friday that it was time to reconsider discriminatory names of California State Park features and transportation systems. State agencies said they will also expand representation of marginalized communities and increase transparency surrounding changes made to the geographic names in California.

California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot, State Parks Director Armando Quintero and Department of Transportation Director Toks Omishakin made the announcement Friday and will collaborate on the steps to redressing and renaming discriminatory placards around the state.

“It is past time to revisit historic names that stem from a dark legacy that includes discrimination, violence and inequity,” Crowfoot said in a statement.

The news follows a years long conversation about the names of national monuments, geographic markers and transportation names associated with the Civil War, the genocide of Native Americans and other leftover remnants of institutional racism.

As a first step in this process, Gov.

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