October 27, 2020

Third-Quarter New-Vehicle Sales Are Encouraging, Hint at Recovery

Photo credit: krblokhin - Getty Images
Photo credit: krblokhin – Getty Images

From Car and Driver

  • Third-quarter new-vehicle sales are down from last year, but are up from the quarter prior, revealing what appears to be a V-shaped recovery in the industry.

  • FCA, Toyota, and General Motors are all showing sales declines of around 10 percent for the third quarter, but that’s a dramatic improvement from declines of over 30 percent last quarter.

  • Hyundai saw sales increase in September by 5.5 percent, while its sales were down 1.7 percent in the third quarter.

As automakers begin to report third-quarter sales, one thing is becoming clear: the worst sales forecasts have been avoided, and new-vehicle sales are trending upward from their lows earlier this year. New-vehicle buyers haven’t left the market—a reality in line with the more uneven K-shaped recovery many economists have been reporting—and that has helped propel the recovery in sales.

Since the first quarter

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