October 24, 2020

‘People want to get in their car right now and just drive’: TV series tours ‘Da Parish’ | Entertainment/Life

The aroma of chargrilled oysters drifts past an impromptu dance floor, where couples sway to King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight.” A trio of pageant queens in sashes, tiaras and rain boots share a tray of freshly boiled shrimp, standing out among the other diners beneath the white canopy.

A darkening sky doesn’t seem to worry the lively locals who’ve shown up on a recent Saturday morning to buy shrimp straight off the trawlers docked along Bayou La Lautre.

The semiannual St. Bernard Parish Seafood Market in Hopedale is just one of a surprising variety of attractions — from a burgeoning arts district and idyllic fishing villages to cultural deep dives and centuries of history — awaiting New Orleans day trippers in the parish right next door.

Tom Gregory, host of New Orleans Public Television’s travel program “GO Coast: Louisiana,” spent a year exploring St. Bernard Parish for a multiepisode

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