October 23, 2020

Rail dining car’s life extended in Minnesota woods

I bought a crew dining car from the railroad yard in Brainerd for $150 in 1966. It had four windows on each side and a door on each end. For $75 I had it transported about 28 miles, including the railroad ties to set it on. I intended to use it for deer and grouse hunting.

The car, located near Motley, Minn., sits on 40 acres. It is 40-by-8 and, despite some weak spots in the walls, made of solid oak. There are spaces for six beds, with cooking facilities and a heater. A restroom is outside with its own shelter.

I have hunted there for 54 years. First with two hunting partners for about 45 of them before they passed. I’ve also hunted with sons, daughters, sons-in-law, and grandsons. We have had so many wonderful years of hunting, taking many deer. There are so many great memories of hunting,

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