October 20, 2020

What Growth Drivers Should Automotive Cybersecurity Market Players Keep an Eye Out For? Infiniti’s Experts Explain the Need for Market Opportunity Analysis

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Although the dependence on the automotive cybersecurity market is increasing as the automotive industry grows, the market is witnessing major challenges. Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and improved access through electronic control units (ECUs) have led to a rising need for automotive cybersecurity. However, the fragmented nature of the automotive industry has posed certain challenges to this growth. The fragmented nature of the automotive sector causes various delays for the development and incorporation of cybersecurity systems. OEMs often do not have the technical capabilities to create a cybersecurity system and require the assistance of cybersecurity suppliers. However, this can cause issues in coordination, disrupt the supply chain, cause a substantial time lag. How can companies counter the negative implications of these challenges? With Infiniti’s market opportunity analysis, companies can identify ideal opportunities for growth, development, and other positive aspects. This helps them identify, evaluate, and capitalize on growth

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