October 24, 2020

Video shows woman hogtied face-down in Colorado police car


Police in Aurora, Colorado hogtied a woman and put her inside a patrol car, where she fell head first, crying ‘I can’t breathe.’ The officer ignored her, video shows.


A video shown during an appeal hearing for a fired officer shows him hogtying a woman, putting her in the back of a patrol car and ignoring her cries for help as she falls to the floorboard.

Aurora police officer Levi Huffine was fired after the August 2019 incident. He is appealing to the civil service commission to get his job back.

During Tuesday’shearing, the video shows Huffine placing Shataean Kelly, 28, in custody, KCNC reported. She was arrested “on municipal charges resulting from a fight,” according to the TV station.

Huffine testified before the civil service commission on Thursday and said he was sorry for what happened to Kelly during the 21-minute ride to the jail, according to KUSA.

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