October 21, 2020

Can Falling Leaves Damage Your Car?

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Those beautiful autumn leaves can cause problems for your car. In fact, it’s best to avoid parking under trees—especially if you’re not driving much. Leaves find their way into a car’s nooks and crannies, getting caught under wipers, and clogging air intakes and drain holes, such as those around the sunroof. Plus, wet leaves contain tree sap, which is acidic and can damage the finish on a car’s paint, reports John Ibbotson, chief mechanic at the CR Auto Test Center. 

If you need to clear leaves from your car, do it carefully, picking them out with your hands or by using a leaf blower with light air pressure. (Too much pressure can cause leaves to become lodged in hard-to-reach places.) To unclog sunroof drains, you may be tempted to remove debris with a wire hanger, but that can tear

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East Bridgewater boy, 10, flown to hospital after falling off bicycle – News – The Enterprise, Brockton, MA

The accident occurred on David Lane, which is off of Washington Street, on Monday afternoon.

EAST BRIDGEWATER — A 10-year-old boy was flown by medical helicopter to a Boston hospital Monday afternoon after suffering serious facial injuries when he fell off his bicycle, officials said.

Police and firefighters responded to David Lane, which is off of Washington Street, at about 2:40 p.m. for a bicycle accident.

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Police say a juvenile fell off his bicycle and suffered serious injuries.

“Upon arrival, firefighters located a 10-year-old

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