October 27, 2020

Audi begins participating in our least favorite automotive trend

Audi feature subscriptions

Sigh. We don’t like this trend.


It’s becoming increasingly clear à la carte features and options are part of the automotive industry’s future. Tesla paved the way, and now, numerous luxury automakers are all aboard, from BMW and heated seats that may last for a period of time and Cadillac’s hands-free Super Cruise highway driving assistant. Now, Audi joins the subscription-based feature bandwagon.

This past Thursday, Audi revealed it began rolling out “functions on demand” as it named the service. The language may differ, but the idea is the same: pay for various features if and as you want them. For example, Audi said its two electric cars, the E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback support LED headlight upgrades owners can purchase at any time. Instead of standard LED headlights, owners can purchase a subscription to the company’s Matrix LED headlights with automatic high beams. There’s a free trial period of

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Alfonso XIII Was The First Car-Guy King and Hispano-Suiza Was His Favorite Car

Photo credit: The Mullin Automotive Museum's 1911 Hispano-Suiza Type 45CR King Alfonso XIII
Photo credit: The Mullin Automotive Museum’s 1911 Hispano-Suiza Type 45CR King Alfonso XIII

From Autoweek

  • New YouTube series from the Mullin Museum starts today at 3pm with a 1911 Hispano-Suiza Type 45CR King Alfonso XIII

  • Could this be the world’s first sports car?

  • King Alfonso was the world’s first car-guy king

King Alfonso XIII of Spain was a hard-partying dude. He came from an era that wanted his royalty to party. He had seven children with his official wife Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg and had countless of what were then called illegitimate children, four of whom are known to Wikipedia. He liked sports, endowing several soccer teams with the “Real” or royal precedent, one of which you may know, Real Madrid. And he liked cars.

Before he would have been old enough to get a driver’s license in the modern age, Alfonso was piloting his own coches. At

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