October 21, 2020

1970 Dodge Charger 500 Project Car Barn Find Sells For Bargain

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This car needs a lot of work, but are you surprised that it only sold for $12,500?

Putting a value on a car that needs this much work is near impossible, but this Charger was recently sold on eBay for only $12,500, which has us scratching our heads a little. Although, this is a little reporting in reverse, the car runs, and you’d think that would be enough to boost the price of this Dodge Charger 500, a bit. Now, we’re somewhat wondering if the used car boom is leading people to back off of project cars right now, or maybe it’s a shortage of raw materials to make car parts needed to restore it?

We strongly stand by the idea that a collector car/vintage/classic, what have you, is worth exactly as much as someone will pay for it, but this seems like

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Researchers find disproportionate public transportation burden on minority neighborhoods

Transportation barriers, such as personal access to a vehicle or public transportation, disproportionally affect minority communities, according to results of a new study presented at the virtual American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress 2020.

The study was performed by researchers at the University of Colorado at Aurora who used geographic information systems (GIS) to better understand traffic paths to hospitals offering elective and emergency surgical care throughout Denver.

They tracked public transportation routes across census tracts and found areas with higher minority populations have nearly double the travel time burden to health care facilities when using public transportation.

Facilities with acute surgical capacity (emergency department, intensive care unit, and acute care surgery services) were identified within a 20-mile radius of the city center. Travel times were then estimated from the center of each census tract to the nearest facility by the

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Portland police find suspected riot gear while searching car near demonstration

Portland police found items “consistent with” those used during unlawful civil unrest and riots after searching a vehicle near a demonstration in the Oregon city, authorities said.

Officers with the Portland Police Bureau spotted a car that was “creating a hazard” on Wednesday night near the Penumbra Kelly Building in the city’s southeast section, authorities said in a Thursday morning press release.

As police approached the vehicle, they discovered “several soup cans on top of the vehicle,” which police suspect appeared to have been intended to be thrown at officers.

“Inside the vehicle were several items consistent with what crowd members have used during previous unlawful assemblies and riots,” police said in the summary of events. “These items included shields, helmets, gas masks, CO2 cans, and paintball guns (photo).”


This Sept. 30, 2020 photo shows items recovered by Portland Police during Sept. 29 vehicle search (Portland Police Bureau)

This Sept. 30, 2020 photo shows items recovered by Portland

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