October 27, 2020

Michigan’s first giant vehicle vending machine opens

NOVI, MI – You can’t miss the huge tower from the highway filled with automobiles. This is Michigan’s first giant vehicle vending machine known as Carvana.

Located in Novi at the Adell Center off of I-96 and Novi Rd. next to the newly opened Texas Road House, Carvana is a used car business. Up to 27 vehicles fill the eight-story tall building at any given time.

Shopping is done completely online via an inventory of 20,000 vehicles where customers can also finance, sign contracts and schedule to get their vehicle in person or by delivery as soon as the next day. If a customer chooses to pick up the vehicle, they make an appointment to come to the vending machine, insert an oversized coin into the slot and watch their vehicle come right down to them.

a coin slot at carvana

The oversized coin slot at Carvana which has opened its first vehicle vending machine

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Giant Bicycles, Fuji, Marin Bicycle

Pune, Maharashtra, India, September 30 2020 (Wiredrelease) Prudour Pvt. Ltd –:Market.us printed the Latest analysis Report Entitled Global Fitness Bikes Market by Segmentation, Revenue, Growth quantitative relation, makers, Regions-Forecast to 2029 to its large Report on-line Store. Fitness Bikes market initial years (2013-2018) progressive revenue is witnessed to be fitness bikes and in latter half (2020-2029) estimates to extend rather considerably.

Valuable growth prospects of Fitness Bikes Market analysis report insight provides the crucial projections of the market. We’ve analyzed the Fitness Bikes principals, participants, geologic areas, product sort, and end-user applications. The world Fitness Bikes market report provides necessary and auxiliary knowledge that is represented as pie-charts, tables, systematic summary, and product diagrams. The new strategic research report on Fitness Bikes market is introduced adequately, which features elementary patois, very important review, understandings, and fitness bikes sure aspects in step with commiseration and cognizance. The study has a section

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Watch a Giant Russian Crane Lower an Armored Vehicle Straight into the Water

From Popular Mechanics

  • In a video, a Russian military barge filled with armored personnel carriers unloads them directly into the water.

  • Once in the water, the BTR-82 APC simply swims away.

  • The event was part of Russia’s Kavkaz-2020 military exercises.

Well, here’s one way to get into the water. In an impressive new video, Russian Marines unload their armored personnel carriers (APC) into the Caspian Sea with a giant crane. The APCs then swim away under their own power, scooting through the waves and surf to capture a beachhead.

You love badass military machines. So do we. Let’s nerd out over them together.

The procedure, which admittedly looks a little risky, was part of Russia’s Kavkaz-2020 military exercises, which wrapped up yesterday:

The video, uploaded to the Russian Ministry of Defence’s YouTube channel, shows Russian naval infantry (marines) of the 414th or 727th Naval Infantry Battalion storming a

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