October 31, 2020

UK drivers ‘unaware’ of government’s electric car grant

Nearly a third of UK drivers are more likely to purchase an electric car once informed of the scheme. Photo: Chuttersnap/Unsplash
Nearly a third of UK drivers are more likely to purchase an electric car once informed of the scheme. Photo: Chuttersnap/Unsplash

Two in five UK drivers do not know there is a government grant available for buying an electric car, research suggests.

The plug-in grant offers savings of up to 35% off the purchase price of qualifying vehicles, up to a maximum of £3,000 ($3,915).

With the average cost of an electric car currently up to double that of a standard vehicle, it’s a purchase beyond the means of many drivers, which is why the government launched the grant in March, to encourage the purchase of low-emissions cars.

However, 41% of drivers are “unaware” of the government’s flagship electric vehicle discount scheme, according to a survey of 4,000 by HonestJohn.co.uk.

There is a growing preference for alternative fuel cars in general, with half the nation (48%) considering buying one next

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Berea pursues grant to study transportation connectivity options

BEREA, Ohio — At its Monday (Oct. 5) meeting, Berea City Council unanimously passed an ordinance authorizing Mayor Cyril Kleem to apply for Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency funds to investigate potential transportation connectivity options.


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NOACA’s Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative Planning Studies Program “assists communities and public agencies with integrated transportation and land use planning projects that strengthen community livability,” according to the legislation.

If the city’s application receives approval, Berea will enter into a contract with NOACA and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

“What (the city would like to do is) apply for a grant that would enable a study of all modes of transportation … and really look from the campus of City Hall out through this whole area to get some recommendations,” explained Safety Director/Law Director Barbara Jones.

Ideas would be generated for determining ways to better link Berea’s downtown district and Coe Lake

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EU won’t grant preferential trade terms to UK car industry, admits Frost

The British car industry will face new barriers exporting to Europe even if a UK-EU trade agreement is agreed later this year, the UK’s chief Brexit negotiator has admitted.

In a letter to the auto industry, David Frost conceded that he had failed to convince Brussels to take a more flexible approach when it came to assessing how cars manufactured using non-EU parts could qualify for zero-tariff access to the bloc under a trade deal. 

The UK has been pushing during trade negotiations for manufacturers to be able to count, or “cumulate” Turkish, Japanese or other non-EU inputs as “local” for the purposes of exporting under the agreement but Brussels has rejected the request.

Under standard EU trade rules, a vehicle must typically be 45 per cent “locally made” in order to qualify for zero-tariff access to the bloc.

The letter raises fears in the industry that a lopsided trade

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