October 27, 2020

Nonprofit created to rescue people during Harvey delivers food

“These are people that can’t get out of their house. So either they shouldn’t leave their house for health reasons or they don’t have transportation.”

HOUSTON — Seven months into this pandemic, and so many of our neighbors still need help. Crowdsource Rescue, a nonprofit formed during Hurricane Harvey, is pivoting from natural disasters to the national emergency.

Like so many of us, Judy Van Norman’s watched this pandemic absolutely wreck lives.

“It really is hard. You know, I think people are struggling in this particular situation that may have never struggled before,” Van Norman said. “On top of those who struggled on a day-to-day basis under good circumstances. People just need the basics. They need food. And you can help. And it’s so easy.”

Van Norman and her husband volunteer with Crowdsource Rescue.

“We started it in Hurricane Harvey. Somewhat accidentally, we started a website to organize rescues for

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