October 27, 2020

Audi confirms hopped-up RS E-Tron GT electric sports car

I don’t know how Audi could fit larger wheels into the equation, but where there’s a will…


After a few months of reports, Audi has finally confirmed that the forthcoming E-Tron GT electric sports car will receive the same trim-level treatment as many of its gas-powered vehicles.

During a digital press conference discussing the E-Tron GT, Audi confirmed that a racy RS variant will launch alongside the standard E-Tron GT. It’s very likely that a middle-of-the-road S version will also make an appearance. Whether SUVs or coupes, most of Audi’s vehicles follow the same formula: There’s a base version, then an S model with sportier intentions, followed by a performance-forward RS.

While Audi didn’t mention exactly what the RS-badged E-Tron GT will contain to separate itself from the regular ol’ E-Tron GT,

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