October 22, 2020

N.H. man accused of pulling over vehicle, impersonating officer


October 1, 2020 | 12:47 PM

HAMPTON, N.H. (AP) β€” A Seabrook man is charged with pulling over a vehicle and impersonating a police officer.

Lamont Stewart, 61, is accused of following a driver for about 15 minutes while shining a spotlight on him. When the driver pulled over to let him pass, he told Hampton police that Stewart identified himself as a police officer and asked him about his driving. Stewart was wearing a high visibility vest worn by officers, had fake badges, a spotlight and two holstered weapons later determined to be BB guns, police said.

The driver told police that when he refused to let Stewart search his vehicle, Stewart showed his handgun and told him β€œhe can use it,” according to the police affidavit, the Portsmouth Herald reported.

A passing driver did not think the stop looked right and reported it to police.

Stewart told

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